Feeling Lucky? Why Lucky People Succeed.

Check out this great post I stumbled across on twitter: http://marlamadison.blogspot.com/2012/02/elusive-luck.html

Marla Madison has a very insightful blog post that mirrors the reasons for my own success as a writer and let me have the first birthday of my adult life working from home doing what I love :).

What do you think? Do YOU feel lucky?

PayPal Censorship: Please, I Love It When You Dictate My Morality!

For I have committed the cardinal sin.

It’s been uh… several years, *cough*, since my last confession. My sins are as follows:

  • Writing stories about hoo has and wee wees connecting, and sometimes… about butts.
  • Writing about consenting adults who happen to be 18, 19, or “in college” having sex.
  • Writing about consenting adults who happen to be related through marriage or adoption, but aren’t actual family and haven’t grown up with one another, having sex.
  • For daring to write about a werewolf having sex with a lady in a scary, funny story about monster sex.
  • For being a dirty indie writer.
Also, just in case this counts against me, I’m also contrite over being a woman who thinks about and enjoys sex. I’m sure that’s probably against the rules now, too.
You guys may have heard about a little thing going on where PayPal has forced several e-book sites, including http://www.AllRomanceEbooks.com, www. Bookstrand.com, and now http://www.Smashwords.com in banning indie authors’ books that do not match PayPal’s moral standards.
These subjects include the following legal acts or acts allowed in traditionally published books carried on the same site:
“Beastiality” with shifted werewolves or any other shifter. This includes books about having sex with Bigfoot, because Virginia Wade’s bestselling (and hilarious) series “Cum for Bigfoot” was banned.
“Barely legal” or “teens” that are 18 or over. Yes, 18 year olds (although of the legal age of consent) are now off limits for fictional sex. Also, sophmores in college–NO GOOD! No fictional sex for you!
Rape, including those pirate-king-captures-and-roughly-seduces-maiden stories that have been labeled as “dubious consent” for ages in the romance world.
PayPal gets to determine which LEGAL, CONSENTING, FICTIONAL ACTS you can and cannot read about. So do the credit card companies, who PayPal says are pressuring them.

Here’s a list of my Banned Titles for your enjoyment. They are still available through Barnes & Noble and Amazon :):

I have to admit, though…. it DOES feel good being bad ;). 

If you feel that credit card companies and PayPal shouldn’t choose YOUR morality for you, please Write Your CongresspersonBoycott Paypal, or Hell, just support your favorite Indie Author.

This affects every single one of us, from readers to authors, to consumers. If you don’t want your choices made for you… if you enjoy freedom, and abhor censorship, especially of the written word, then please tweet this.

Pass on the info, and say “Fuck Off” to censorship!

Happy V-DAY!

No, not venerial disease day, sillies! (Or at least I hope not…)


I hope you’re snuggling up with a loved one right now, gettin’ freaky, but if you’re not, you can always snuggle up with yourself, and perhaps a bottle or two of red wine. Hell, I have someone to snuggle with and I still might invite the red wine to the party. Go nuts! Have fun!

But just don’t do anything I wouldn’t do ;).

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Fire Sale! (In Your PANTS)

I just noticed that one of my hottest, favorite stories of mine, MY BEST FRIEND’S BROTHER (Sleepover Sluts) is edging its way up in the rankings. Yay! 🙂

This has inspired me to try an experiment, and have my first ever EROTICA BOGO SALE!

Basically, if you buy a copy of My Best Friend’s Brother from Amazon, I’ll give you TWO of my other stories for FREE! Buy one, get two of your choosing free, either with Smashwords coupons or kindle gifts :).

Click here to purchase!

Here’s the blurb:

When self-proclaimed nympho, Bailey, sleeps over at Amber’s house, she hears her too-sexy brother, Brian masturbating through his bedroom door. When he calls out her name, she enters his room to make all of his wildest fantasies come true.

However, Bailey’s in for a surprise. Brian wants to dominate her, and won’t take “no” for an answer. He’s a master in the sack, but is Bailey ready to let go and let him rock her world?

Warning: This 3800 word story contains intense oral sex, sixty-nining, thick cocks, hot brothers, voyeurism, domination, spanking and some very wet panties. May be too hot to handle! 

YUM ;). 

I’m not sure how long this sale of mine will last, so seize the day (or seize something else and go to town!)

If you do buy this hot story on Amazon, let me know either in the comments, or through email (Delilahfawkes at gmail dot com), and I’ll hook you up with two awesome freebies of your choosing.

Happy one-handed reading, and thanks for your support!

Smut Review: WEEKEND CAPTIVE by Anne O’Connell (BDSM)

Hello, All!
Today, I wanted to review a favorite e-book of mine:  WEEKEND CAPTIVE by Anne O’Connell.  I have to admit… when I read this in the reviews novella not only has “dubious consent” and BDSM themes, I was totally intrigued. A real life example of how a bad review = a sale!  Ha!
However, lets be clear that I don’t find actual kidnapping or Serious and Real dubious consent sexy–this is a fantasy, people, and because of that, it’s all in good fun.  This kidnapping is the equivalent of an evil pirate tying you up with silk scarves and “having his way with you.”  Oh no, you naughty pirate! No, I do not wish for you to ravage me with your awesome, sweaty, muscular, delicious body. Nooooo!….
Very wink wink–it’s all good.
In this story, a woman is kidnapped by someone she knows, but his identity is a mystery for most of the story.  Even though she’s not used to being submissive, the attentions of this man drive her wild in a way that no one else has for a long, long time.  Not only does she stop stuggling and give in to her baser desires, she learns that she may like things a little freaky!
My favorite scenes in this story were definitely the one-on-one interplay between our heroine and kidnapper, but there is some m/m/f menage in here.  Get ready for scorching scenes and a quick, fun read.
Overall, I’d say author Anne O’Connell is a bit of a Freak (i.e., my kind of gal), and give the book 4 out of 5 Floggers.

All Smut, All the Time!

If you’ve found this blog, I’m hoping you are similar to me in a few ways. Let’s take a test and find out, shall we? 🙂

1) Do you like reading naughty stories?
2) Do you like sex?
3) Have you ever read a sexy story in public on an e-reader and felt the thrill of being oh, so bad?

If you answered “yes!” to any of these questions, then you’re in the right place.

I’m a professional smut slinger (also known as an erotica author), and love nothing more than writing the hottest stories for your e-reader, be they funny, scary, romantic, or (most likely) straight up raunchy.

On this blog I hope to chat about sex, e-books, hot reads, and also keep you up to date on my latest releases. Enjoy! I’m glad you came ;).

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