New Releases and Upcoming Goodies…

I have some exciting new releases that I’ve been neglecting to tell you about because I am a naughty blogger as well as a naughty writer (as in a procrastinating one–d’oh!)

Here’s what’s new in the world of Delilah Fawkes!

Ooh, yes, girl! That chick’s got a special package, and she wants you to unwrap it!

Chick with a Dick (My Roommate’s Sexy Secret) just hit the e-shelves, and it’s getting some great reviews from folks who have never dabbled in the sexy world of trans erotica. Here’s what people have to say:

What’s that? You say you’ve never read a story about a chick with a dick before? C’mere … let me tell you a secret. (whispers) Neither had I… And now I’m a believer.”

I have to say that I really respect the fact that Delilah doesn’t just churn out the usual, easy erotic novel. She tries things, she boldly explores new frontiers, and most importantly she has fun. Marcel Duchamp said, “Have fun or you’ll bore us,” and from my personal experience reading her writing, Delilah has never bored me!”

“I had so much fun writing this, I had to buy all new underwear!” 

Oh, wait… that last one was me.

ANYWHO, check it out if you love the idea of sexy gals getting it on, but one of them has a massive, throbbing… Well, just check it out ;).

Oh, snap!

Things are definitely heating up between Bailey and Brian in My Best Friend’s Brother 3, and he’s got the surprise of a lifetime for her!

When Brian asks self-proclaimed nympho, Bailey, to be his girl, she freaks out. What happens if she wants to sleep with someone else? How long could this last? Little does she know, he wants her just the way she is–non-monogamous, and hot as hell.

When he surprises her with his friend Chris and a night of three-way passion, he just may seal the deal, but can Bailey let go and give her heart to him?

If you loved Bailey in my other Sleepover Sluts stories, you’ve got to check this out! I think it’s one of the hottest ones yet, and, dare I say… most romantic :).

I’ve got a couple of other new releases that I’m just ITCHING to publish this week, but I don’t know if I want to let the cat out of the bag just yet….

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Happy reading, my smutty friends!