Billionaire’s Beck and Call #9 is the Finale

Hi, guys!

I wanted to give you a quick update as I’m writing AT HIS SIDE: The Billionaire’s Beck and Call Part 9 :). I was pretty sure this was going to be the case after writing number 8, but now I’m positive: This last story will be the ending for this series. 

This is going to be a good one, too… 😉

I’ve always been a big believer in letting a story be exactly as long as it needs to be to tell it well–no more, no less, but I wanted to give you a head’s up because I’d previously guesstimated that it would be 10 total.

Thanks for reading! AT HIS SIDE should be available in the next few days. I’ll update here as well as on Facebook, Twitter (and of course in my newsletter) when it’s available.

Hope you’re all having a great week, and thanks again for being such amazing supporters of this series!

At His Warning: The Billionaire’s Beck and Call, Part 8 is live!

I’m happy to announce that At His Warning: The Billionaire’s Beck and Call, Part 8 is now live on the following sites:

Barnes and Noble

The Description:

Tensions come to a head between Chase Drake and his business partner, Lex, when his relationship with Isabeau is threatened. After an all-out fight, Isabeau learns some of the secrets from Mr. Drake’s mysterious past and realizes she cares about him more than ever.

However, when they discover evidence of Lex’s betrayal at the office, they may be too late to stop him from ruining the lives of every employee at Drake & Smith. Will everything Chase has worked for crumble to dust, or will he and Isabeau find a way to thwart disaster?

And a sexy sneak peak!

Morning arrived, bringing with it a dull, thumping headache and a whole new batch of problems.

I rolled over and rested my head on Mr. Drake’s chest, breathing in the delicious mixture of his spiced cologne and the musky smell that was all him. I ran my hand lightly through the sprinkling of hair over his pecs, listening to the steady sound of his breathing. 

If I could have stayed in bed with him all day, I would have, maybe watching old movies and ordering room service to ease my hangover. But I knew we still had investors to please and tasks to accomplish. I sighed with longing and pressed a kiss to his skin.

Despite the throbbing in my skull, I still wanted him, wanted to tease him and stroke him before feeling him inside of me. I ran my hand lower, skimming over the hard planes of his abdomen before sliding below the sheets.

A rough hand grabbed my wrist, Mr. Drake’s low laugh rumbling through his chest. 

“And just what do you think you’re doing?”

I laughed, too, then touched my head and winced. Too loud. Mr. Drake pulled back and smoothed my hair away from my face. 


I nodded. “Mmm hmm.”

“Aren’t you supposed to use that as an excuse not to make love, Isa? You seem to be doing this all wrong.”

I stretched back on my pillow, letting the sheets fall off my full breasts. I smiled as his eyes traveled downward, his pupils darkening.

“But what if making love will cure me? Isn’t it worth a try?”

He looked like he wanted to pounce on me, but then furrowed his brow. “I don’t want to hurt you.”

“Maybe we could… go slow?” I pulled the sheet lower, letting the cotton slide down, revealing the curves of my body.

He groaned as he watched, his hands soon wandering where his eyes had traveled. His fingers grazed my sex, lightly playing over my folds as I gasped. Our lips met as he stroked me softly, his tongue sliding across my teeth. 

“I don’t usually do it like this,” he said. “But right now, I just want to make you feel as good as possible.”

I grinned, thinking of his dungeon. No kidding. 

But I groaned as he leaned down and kissed his way around each breast, stopping to lap at each nipple until it tightened into a peak. I loved that he could be as tender as he was rough, drawing pleasure out of me the way a master musician draws beauty from his instrument. 

When he entered me, it was slow and steady, his hips rocking forward and back, letting me adjust as we began our slow dance together. He looked into my eyes as we moved, the rhythm of his body matching each hitch of my breath, each small moan escaping from my lips.

Thanks so much to all of you for reading <3! 

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The Billionaire’s Beck and Call, Part 7 is Available Now!

Thank you for your patience as I got over my cold and finished up Part 7 :). I’m happy to announce that it’s live in the following stores:


I’ll make sure to update this post when it’s live for Barnes and Noble, too!

Here’s the description:

Chase Drake plans to wine and dine the investors during a weekend trip fit for a billionaire. When Isabeau steps up to plan the event, he knows he’s found someone who’s truly his match.
However, more is at stake than money when the aftermath of a high stakes poker game turns his partner against him.
Can their relationship endure the meddling of Alexander Smith, or will it collapse like a house of cards?

And a sexy sneak peak!

“I have a surprise for you,” he whispered to me, nuzzling my neck as we rode the elevator to the penthouse suite.
“Mmm?” I wrapped my hands in his hair as he nibbled my ear, my heartbeat pounding with each touch of his lips.
We’d wined and dined the night away, and now relief flooded through me knowing that at least this night had gone as planned. Everything had been organized to perfection, and the board members and investors seemed to be enjoying themselves.
The elevator shuddered to a halt, and I squealed as Mr. Drake scooped me up into his arms.
“I think you’re going to enjoy it, little slave,” he said. “Do you trust me?”
He set me down just long enough to unlock the door at the end of the hall, then threw me over his shoulder again. I giggled against his tuxedo jacket, the wine and the intoxicating smell of his cologne making me feel giddy.
He kicked the door shut and tossed me onto the bed so hard that I bounced. I glanced around, my breath catching at the view, visible from the huge marble balcony attached to the suite. Stars winked at me from the clear night sky, and I grinned. Even when he traveled, Mr. Drake had to be on top of the world.
“You didn’t answer me. Do you trust me, Isa?”
He towered over me at the foot of the bed, looking sexy as hell with his tuxedo shirt half unbuttoned, bow tie hanging askew where I’d tugged it open.
“Of course I do.”
He leaned down under the bed and reemerged holding a small travel bag. “Then put this on.”
I took it from him, and opened it, not sure what to expect. Part of me feared it would be another expensive dress, but I smiled at what I saw. A black, padded blindfold. It was perfect.
My body tingled all over as I slid it down over my eyes, securing it around the back of my head.
“Can you see anything?”
“No, Sir.”
I felt him near me, but my world was now as black as pitch. The blindfold molded itself to the contours of my face, sealing out all light. He snapped his fingers an inch away from my ear, and I jumped with a little shriek.
“Good girl. I think you’ll agree, it’s more fun if you’re honest with me…”
Hands caressed me through my dress, teasing as they ran down my ribcage, stopping just before squeezing my breasts.
“Hold your arms out at your sides and lie back, little slave.”
I let him gently push me down until my head hit the pillow and both arms were stretched out like a cross. I heard a rustling near my head, but held still, waiting with bated breath to discover what my master had planned for me. Something silky wrapped around my wrist, then tightened, stretching my arm out. I heard soft footfalls on the carpet, and then my other wrist was being bound, tied in place with something strong but soft. One of his neckties, maybe? I gave an inquisitive yank, but I was held firm to the bedposts, helpless to escape.
“Now, you’re mine to do with as I please. The question is… what am I going to do first?”
Thank you all for your well wishes while I was sick :). You guys are the best!

I hope you enjoy this latest installment of The Billionaire’s Beck and Call!

Technical Difficulties: Delilah is under the weather

Hi, guys,

I just wanted to give you the head’s up that I’m battling a nasty case of the flu right now, so although I’m working on Part 7 of the Billionaire’s Beck and Call, it might not be ready for the next couple of days.

My head is fuzzy wuzzy, so I want to make sure this is actually good, and not just the fevered ramblings of a mad woman. 😉

Just wanted to let you know I haven’t forgotten about you, and I’ll try to type quickly!

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The Billionaire’s Beck and Call, Part 6, is live!

Hi, my lovely readers!

I’m happy to report that AT HIS WORD: THE BILLIONAIRE’S BECK AND CALL, Part 6, is now live in the following stores:

Amazon (Kindle)
Barnes and Noble (Nook)

UPDATE: It’s now live for Kindle and Nook! Links updated above :).

Here’s the description:

When Isabeau hears Mr. Drake’s side of the story, she has two choices: to take him at his word, or walk out of his life. She chooses to trust him and accompanies him to a dinner party at his mother’s house, only to have more secrets about Drake’s mysterious past whispered in her ear by his handsome business partner, Alexander Smith.

Can she give herself fully to a man she’s not sure can trust with her heart? Or should she believe him when he says she’s different from all the rest?

This 6500 word story is the sixth part in the best-selling erotic romance series, The Billionaire’s Beck and Call, by Delilah Fawkes. 

Here’s a sexy sneak peak!

He tilted my chin up with a gentle hand. “Look at me.”

“I don’t want to,” I whispered. Tears threatened to fall at any moment, and I didn’t want him to see me like this. Weak. Because of him.

“Look at me, Isabeau.” His voice was harsh now, brooking no further argument.

My eyes flicked upward, captured by his gaze. To my surprise, he didn’t look angry at all, but instead his eyes pleaded with me. 

“She’s just a friend of the family. My mother has been trying to set me up with her since prep school, but I never agreed to it. I’m with you, Isa. Not her. Never her.”

I wanted to believe him. Wanted to fall into his arms right then and there, but it all seemed too easy. Too good to be true.

“Then why are you going with her?”

He stared down at me, his brow furrowing. “It’s a dinner party my family is throwing. I have to go, or it won’t look right. Business associates will be there.”

He leaned in and kissed me slowly, his lips hot on mine. My head buzzed, my thoughts a hopeless jumble. His mouth found my neck, his hand winding in my hair and pulling it tight. My breath hitched, my body responding to his touch. His tongue flicked over my collar bone, and I moaned softly.

“Come with me,” he said, his breath tickling my ear. “Let me introduce you to my family, Isa.”

I sighed against him, my anxiety melting as his body pressed against mine. I squirmed against him, my needy clit finding his rock hard thigh. 

“You want me to go?”

His low laugh sent shivers down my spine. His thigh rubbed against me, making me gasp. 

“You’re mine. I can show you off as I please, little slave.”

He grabbed my ass, lifting my leg over his, grinding me harder. I was on fire for him, and still wet from our play in the office, before all of this doubt and fear. Mr. Drake nibbled at my neck as he rubbed me against him, my pussy throbbing with arousal even through the layers of clothing separating us. 

“Say you’ll join me. Be my date tonight.”

He kissed me, and I opened beneath him, sighing as his tongue danced over mine. Jolts of pleasure raced through me as I rode him, my hips undulating as he moved against me. I gasped as he bit my lip. 

“I will,” I breathed.

“Good,” he said, grinning. “Now cum for me, Isa.”

Enjoy, and thank you so much for reading! 🙂