New Releases: Monsters, Ghosts and Sizzling Cowboys, Oh My!

Mega Monster Lovin’ in one Amazing Box Set! 

I’m thrilled to announce two AMAZING new box sets from some of the HOTTEST, most celebrated authors in erotica and romance!

Remember when I wrote about where all that fun, freaky Monster Sex went?

Well now, it’s back, in one MONSTER of a box set–MONSTER FANTASY HITS OF THE YEAR! Check it out HERE!

One, two, they’re coming for you… 

Whether they’re lurking in the shadows or stalking their sexy prey, the tempting creatures in this naughty collection will leave you screaming for more. Packed full of the thrilling, steamy situations that you know and love from five of the most daring erotica authors today, “Monster, Fantasy Hits of the Year” has all of the kinky scenarios that you could ever ask for. 

So if you’re into the thrill of being chased down by the things that go bump in the night, pick up your copy and dive into some of the best paranormal erotica stories of the year. 

Don’t forget to use the “Look Inside” or preview feature to get a look at what’s on offer!

My featured story in this box set is I FUCKED THE WOLFMAN! a sizzling, cheeky erotic take on the classic monster movie, The Wolfman! 

This box set includes 184 pages of sexy monster fun, and all for only .99 cents! Get it now while the deal lasts!

And what about more things that go bump-and-grind in the night? 😉

Paranormal Chills and Sexy Thrills!

SIZZLING GHOST STORIES is a paranormal box of goodies, guaranteed to CHILL & THRILL!

From some of the bestselling names in erotica comes a book full of sizzling encounters with ghosts and other things that go bump in the night, guaranteed to leave you breathless in more ways than one. Authors like Selena Kitt, Carl East, Delilah Fawkes and more, bring you paranormal chills with the sexiest of thrills – stories that are sure to raise your temperature a notch or two! 

Warning: not for readers of a delicate disposition – these stories are likely to set the heart racing and fill the reader’s head with wild and erotically charged sexual fantasies. You are advised to read these on your own but be sure to keep the lights on – just in case! 

My featured story in this sexy scary box set is A BRAND NEW tale, BRANDED BY THE RANCHER’S GHOST!

Check it out on Amazon–you won’t want to miss this one! It’s one of my absolute favorites, and I had a blast writing it :). I know you’re going to love it!

This box set is 200 pages of tales so good they’ll make you shiver, for only .99 cents! Check it out now before the deal ends!

For less than $2, you can get almost FOUR HUNDRED pages of sexy tales from the best authors around! What are you waiting for? 🙂 Look inside to see what stories strike your fancy…

Happy reading! Just remember to watch out for the sexy thrills that lurk in the dark… or on your Kindle!

P.S. ANYONE who reviews either of these box sets on Amazon and emails me proof, will receive a FREE Delilah Fawkes book of your choosing! 🙂 Reviews are a huge help to us independent authors, so I’d love to say THANK YOU with a free e-book to anyone who takes the time. Woo hoo!

Fawkesy Lady Podcast Coming Soon, But I Need YOUR Help!


I’m excited to announce that I’m starting up a Podcast soon, but in order to do so, I need YOUR help!

I’m going to chat about all things romance, the books, the characters, have sizzling sneak peaks, etc, but what I’d love to include in each and every episode is a section where I answer YOUR questions!

I want to know what’s in those sexy brains of yours–What would you like to know? Any questions about the books, about me personally, about the industry, or really just about any old thing you want to ask?

Submit your questions and comments below, and who knows… YOU could be on the Podcast!

Thanks so much, guys! 😀 I’m excited to hear from you!



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I hope everyone had a fabulous holiday, and that you all have a fantastic New Year. And thank you so much to everyone who sent me holiday wishes :3. You guys are the BEST, and I really appreciated the love!

On a personal note (or maybe an overshare note? OH WELL), I actually had the very best Christmas of my adult life. I was away from my Toxic Family, who you guys may remember me talking about a few weeks back, for the first time ever, and even better spent the holidays with my husband’s family who completely adopted me and are some of the warmest, kindest people I’ve ever known :). It was wonderful to experience that it’s possible to have a peaceful holiday surrounded by people who genuinely care about me, and I’m back feeling refreshed and very excited to see what the new year brings.

I hope all of enter this new year with the same sense of excitement and anticipation, and that it’s the best one yet for every single one of us :).

Thanks for being amazing, and for supporting me and my books! It means the world, and I couldn’t do it without you! Much love from the bottom of my heart!

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Happy Holidays! Peace and Love from Delilah ;)

I hope wherever life takes you this holiday season, that you have peace, joy, and so much love, you don’t know what to do with it! 😉

And if you are alone for these holidays, know this–I absolutely cherish and love you from the bottom of my heart! I wish you all the best in 2014 and onward. THANK YOU for being my amazing, fabulous, readers this year, and for your support, and want you to know you mean the world to me!

So, peace to you, and in all things, know that it’s a joy to be alive. And that someone out there loves you ;).

Happy holidays!

New Release! GIRLFRIENDS WITH BENEFITS 2: 10 Authors, 10 Sizzling Stories–only .99 cents!



I’m so excited to announce the release of a HOT new box set of stories, just in time for the holidays!

GIRLFRIENDS WITH BENEFITS 2: TURNING UP THE HEAT is a collection of lesbian and bicurious stories from some of erotica and romance’s hottest authors, all for JUST .99 Cents!

My story in the box set is My Best Friend’s Bed, starring everyone’s favorite bad girl, Bailey, who a lot of you may know and love from the My Best Friend’s Brother stories. This time, Bailey’s ready to spice up a sleepover with her best girlfriends in a way only she can!

One reader of My Best Friend’s Bed had this to say on Amazon:

“This book really will put you in doubt of your sexuality. It gives the point of view of being with a girl and all I can say is wow.”

I do what I can to corrupt ;). Love it!

That story by itself is usually $2.99, but now it’s included with 9 other sizzling, sexy stories from some of today’s best authors for just .99 cents! It’s over 200 pages of dripping, sensual erotica, for less than a dollar–get your copy today before this super low price is gone!

Now available in the following stores:


Barnes and Noble

Coming soon to iTunes!


The Description:

What’s a girl to do when she’s looking for something new?

Your girlfriends are back with a second sexy collection, giving you a sultry look into the lives of female lovers. From ten of the hottest writers in lesbian romance and erotica, this passion-packed bundle has everything that you desire. Whether you’re looking for scorching tales of unbridled lust or steamy stories packed with toe-curling temptation, this anthology is sure to leave you satisfied like only your girlfriends can. 

Pick up your copy today and get a second helping of even more of the touching, tasting and teasing that you know you love. Be sure to “look inside” for a description of all ten hot titles and don’t forget to pick up the original ‘Girlfriends with Benefits’ to complete your own private collection of the best lesbian fiction around!


And a sizzling sneak peak of my story, My Best Friend’s Bed!

“Fine,” she said, pouting. “It’s Bailey’s turn. Truth or dare?”

I passed the bottle to Savannah, and we exchanged another inscrutable look. What was going on in that pretty head of hers?

“You know I love a good dare as much as the next girl, but tonight, I’m going to go with truth.”

Savannah pretended to look shocked, and I play shoved her with my shoulder. Her skin was hot against mine, and I could smell a whiff of her shampoo this close. Something fruity and sensual.

“Truth, huh?”

Jenny squinted at me, and I wondered if she was going to ask me about the other night I slept over. Would I dare tell her if she did? Could I tell her to her face that I screwed her dad?

“Hmmm. Okay, I’ve got one. Have you ever fucked a teacher? And if so, who?”

I grinned, looking down at my lap. “That’s one I haven’t done yet, but it’s totally a fantasy. If I did, though, it would so be Mr. Clark. I’ve seen the bulge in his slacks, and you can tell that man is packing like a Clydesdale.”

Jenny screwed up her face, but the blush on her cheeks gave her away. She had the same fantasy about Clark, and we both knew it.

“Savannah, your turn, darling,” I said, eyeing her. She stared back at me boldly, a smirk twisting her sexy lips into a grin. “Truth… or dare.”

“How about both?”

Jenny and I both gasped. “Whoa, somebody’s daring tonight! You sure?”

“Hell yeah. But if I do both… you two both have to do both, too, on your turns.”

“Hmm.” Jenny and I looked at one another and nodded, laughing. “Deal. What do you want to ask, Jenny?”

Jenny looked back and forth between the two of us. “Have you ever kissed a girl, Savannah?”

Savannah looked at me and licked her lips unconsciously. “No. But I’ve always wanted to know what it was like.”

Jenny sucked in a breath, and I could see the color increasing on her cheeks.

“What’s my dare?”

Tension was thick in the air, and both Jenny and I knew what was about to happen. Which one of us would be brave enough to say it?

“I dare you to kiss Bailey,” Jenny breathed. “You know. If you want.” She took a sip of wine and wiped her lips slowly.

Savannah smiled sensually, and my pussy heated beneath that gaze. I’d thought about kissing both of my sexy friends, and more, so many times. Would it be as good as I’d imagined? Were we ready to go there?

I leaned closer, and saw her eyes flit down to my cleavage. She smoothed her hair back, and scooted toward me until we were both on our knees, mere inches away from one another. She was breathing shallowly, her pupils darkening. I tossed my sucker across the room into the trash and licked my lips.

It was time to find out.


Happy reading, my lovelies! 🙂

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NEW RELEASE! Unmasked: A Billionaire’s Beck and Call Short Story–Available Now!

I’m thrilled to announce a sizzling new release!

UNMASKED: A Billionaire’s Beck and Call Short Story is available now in the following stores for only .99 cents!


Barnes and Noble


Coming soon to and iTunes!


At a masked ball, anonymity is the ultimate aphrodisiac… 

Maxwell and Lucy play a dangerous game. The bet is made–if he can find Lucy among the throng of rich and famous guests at Chase Drake’s masquerade ball before the Unmasking at midnight, she can drive his prized Lamborghini for a month. And if she loses? Well, she’d rather not think about that, because little Lucy doesn’t plan to lose. 

However, Maxwell’s got a trick up his sleeve. Lucy must wear a little toy of his as she moves through the party guests, while he holds the controls. Can she keep her composure in this game of cat and mouse? Or will the tides turn before the stroke of midnight? 

Anything can happen when you play with fire. But who will get burned when the game heats up? 

This is a 5600 word short story in The Billionaire’s Beck and Call Series. It is meant to bridge the gap between Tied to Him: The Billionaire’s Beck and Call, Book Three, and Book Four, coming soon in 2014, but will be enjoyed by anyone who’s read Book Two in the series, featuring Max and Lucy. 

Happy reading, and stay tuned for more information on The Billionaire’s Beck and Call, Book Four–coming soon!


And a dangerously sexy excerpt just for you!


Somewhere in this shadowed group of people, between the pairings of hot bodies milling and weaving in their fine regalia, was my Max, my lover, and when the mood struck, my Master.

Tonight, we played a dangerous game.

The egg inside of me was quiet now, but its presence was always there, filling me, making me squeeze my thighs together as I moved, a constant reminder that he was with me, even when he left my side. A constant reminder, that I was his. And that tonight, he would use me as he pleased, teasing me right under the noses of the guests… and seeing who could outwit whom.

I smoothed down my gown, a silky black number I knew would drive him wild, and grinned beneath my dark mask. My hair was piled high on my head, my copper curls covered by a feathered headpiece and black net. I felt wild, knowing in this crowd, even among friends and strangers alike, no one knew who was who. Until the midnight unmasking, I was whoever I wanted to be. Little Lucy Willcox was free to be just as naughty as she wished, and no one would ever be the wiser…

That is, unless my Master was watching me right this second.

Had he found me yet? Was he spying on me now? Toying with me?

I turned around, eyeing the crowd, biting my cherry-red lip as I scanned the sea of guests, looking for those broad shoulders… that mischievous glint in the eyes that would tell me he’d found me…

That one’s too short…

Hair too light on that guy…

The eyes are all wrong on Mr. Tall over there…

Max wouldn’t be caught dead in that cummerbund..

I grinned as I scanned the crowd. What if I was just as hidden from his eyes as he was from mine? I imagined him searching for me, trying to find just the right body, just the right lips, nothing to go on but what we knew of one another’s taste and physicality. Was he stalking the floor, control in his hand, waiting for the sign that one of these masked women struggled to keep their composure, struggled to maintain their cool even while they waited for the game to begin?

Did he–

My thoughts shattered as the egg inside of me buzzed to life.

“Let the games begin.”

Maxwell’s voice filled my ear through the tiny receiver he insisted I wear. I held back a grin. So it began. If he hadn’t found me yet, I certainly didn’t want to make it any easier on him, so I kept my face neutral, as if everything were just as normal as can be, and no one was whispering devious things into my ear.

“Come out come out, wherever you are, little Lucy…”

He chuckled, deep in his throat, the sound making me shiver.

The egg pulsed a staccato rhythm inside of me, and I clenched my thighs, trying my hardest not to gasp at the sensation. I was already hot for him, my body responding so quickly, I wanted to tremble all over, wanted to find a corner somewhere and sit and moan, letting him take me to the edge, and then push me right over.

But I didn’t dare.

“Remember, if I find you before the Unmasking, I win,” he said. “Do try to make it a challenge, will you? I doubt you can hold on for much longer, but I hope to enjoy the hunt… at least for a little while.”

That low chuckle again.

I rolled my eyes beneath my mask, then bit back a whimper as he increased the power, buzzing harder inside of my delicate channel. My body squeezed around the egg, gripping it and releasing, and I sighed softly as a droplet of sweat trickled between my breasts.

That bastard.


Trust me, guys… you don’t want to miss this one ;). Check it out, now!


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