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Hitched to Him Part 5-Saddled

Tallie Calhoun…

James’ eyes went dark as he looked me over, and suddenly, I felt the hint of something dangerous. I realized then that he was holding back, not wanting to hurt me, or maybe even frighten me away. He said he hadn’t begun to show me his world yet… but now, watching him watching me, I wanted to go with him to that dark, needful place. I wanted it all.

“Show me your world,” I begged.

Little did I know the dirty things he had in store me…

**This 5700 word story is the fifth part of the series HITCHED TO HIM: The Billionaire’s Beck and Call, Book Six. This mini-series can be enjoyed as a standalone, even if you haven’t read the other bestselling novels in this series!


Celebrating the things that make life Awesome!

I just had a birthday, BUT also hit another major milestone which I had to remember to stop and celebrate: Three Years Sober!

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about things I’m grateful for, and one of them is how nice it is to be hangover-free every day (and how much easier editing is these days because I’m not cleaning up after some sloppy lunatic, AKA “Drunk Writing Delilah) 😉

Anyway, this is just a reminder to stop and smell the roses once in a while, and celebrate the things you do each day to improve yourself, love yourself, and live the best life you can with the time that you have :).

You are beautiful, and anything you do to be the best version of yourself is something to be proud of, and grateful for!

Cheers! *raises a seltzer water*





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Treat yourself on this empowering day with a lovely read and some much needed Me Time! It’s my way of saying THANK YOU for being awesome, and making your households, your workplaces, and this entire nation better, just by being you!

Happy reading, my Fawkesy Friends! 😉