The first book in “The Billionaire’s Beck and Call” Series is FREE! Get it now!


The Billionaire’s Beck and Call, Book One

The first book in the best-selling erotic romance series, THE BILLIONAIRE’S BECK AND CALL, is FREE!

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The books in this sizzling, hit series are all inter-related, but can be read as standalones. Enjoy, and happy reading!


A New Billionaire’s Beck and Call Story, Available Now! Hitched to Him, Part 6!

Hitched to Him Part 6-Spurred


Tallie Calhoun…

Millie and James, July, 1983.

I couldn’t get the photograph out of my mind. Not while I was clearing the dishes that morning, and not while I was showing James how we kept the books. My mind kept wandering, my eyes darting to that old stack of mail at the corner of Millie’s desk.

What did he know? Anything? Nothing?

Hell, what did I know?

My intuition kept screaming the obvious at me, but I was doing my best to ignore it. After all, it could mean anything, right? Millie could have been holding someone else’s baby boy… She could have been old friends with Mr. Rockwood, and maybe… maybe…

Oh, Lord, who was I kidding?

This was fixin’ to be some kind of soap opera, and here I was, stuck in the middle of it, keeping other people’s secrets.

This was supposed to be simple. He was just supposed to be some stuck-up Yankee putting his nose in our business, and I’d fight him and show him we had it all under control, and then he’d leave, and that would be that. That’s what I was expecting, and that’s what I wanted… But now, it was all one big mess.

Here he was, tangling himself up in my life, in my heart, and now this. Maybe he had more of a hook in us than I’d dared imagine. Maybe his whole world was about to turn upside-down… and mine with it.

**This 5100 word story is the sixth part of the series HITCHED TO HIM: The Billionaire’s Beck and Call, Book Six. This mini-series can be enjoyed as a standalone, even if you haven’t read the other bestselling novels in this series!

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