Missed me?

Oh, man, you guys. I mean… whew! It’s been a minute!

I know we all just made it through 2020, in various states of dishevelment, and I’m no exception. I’m sure a ton of you can relate when I say the last year has been one of MAJOR CRAZYPANTS CHANGES for now just the world, but for little ol’ Delilah here.

Since 2014 I’ve been going through a spiritual awakening, but 2020 was really the year when things kicked into high gear for me, and I did a lot of deep growth and renewal, really, really fast. I discovered plant medicine, have developed my skills as an intuitive and a channel, and then, in December, one of my guides actually came into my body, so… I have the Goddess Freya in me, basically.

I know that makes me sound exactly this crazy:

But, it’s what’s happening, so there you go.

I also amicably ended a 6 year relationship and ran off to New Mexico with the love of my life. I’m now happily engaged to a wonderful man, who shares my spiritual kookiness, and am back in the saddle, writing awesome new stories for you.

My new series, The Baxter Brothers, is based on some of my experiences moving from the lush Willamette Valley in Oregon to the very, very, very different landscape here in Santa Fe. Let’s just say the sun and I haven’t been acquainted until now, and he’s all up in my face, all day, erry day.

When 22 year old Max Monet can’t find a journalism job out of of college, her Aunt lets her know about a special little town in New Mexico that’s looking for someone to run their newspaper. Her Aunt hints that there’s something magical about this place, something that almost made it seem like anything was possible, but all Max sees when she arrives is desert and a whole lot of nothing. That is, until she meets the Baxter Brothers.

Zach is 39, gorgeous, and the owner of the local hotel. He’s almost old enough to be her father, but when they touch, there’s a spark Max can’t ignore. She feels the same heat when she meets his sexy brothers, Ben and Jace. They all try to make her feel as welcome as possible, and not just because they’re being neighborly. The town is famous for one thing: women are in short supply. When one rolls into town, the men line up, ready and willing to share, especially for a woman as young and beautiful as the smart-mouthed Max.

Now, Max has to decide if she’s willing to give in to her impulses with one Baxter Brother… and if she’s ready to learn the secret about life in Coyote Canyon.

This 6500 word story is Part 1 in the new Baxter Brothers series! It’s a red hot erotic romance featuring age gaps of up to 17 years, and a reverse harem you won’t want to miss!


Anyway, that’s what I’ve been up to! How about you guys? What are some of the crazy changes YOU’VE been through in 2020?