What Happened to all the Monster Sex?

ImageLately, my lovely readers have been writing me to ask where the heck my Monster Sex Stories disappeared to. And since this is an *excellent* question, and I have a soft spot for those raunchy, goofy stories, I desperately want to tell you!

Recently, the BBC did an “expose” on sites like Amazon, Kobo, Barnes & Noble, etc, showing that they sell erotic content that violates their terms of service and is, basically, horrifying trash that should be set on fire immediately, if only it weren’t digital. A thousand pilgrims wept.

And okay, sure, there were a lot of stories out there with things in them that are illegal and skeevy in real life, such as incest and beastiality with the family dog. HOWEVER, lumped in with those stories were all the ones about being taken by sexy monsters, college youths in their 20s making sweet love to their step-dads or step-brothers, and all sorts of other kinky things that are taboo, but for their fan bases, titillating and a whole lot of fun. 

So, the e-book retailers started freaking out and blocking titles from independent authors who had titles within a stone’s throw from any of those subjects the BBC mentioned. The expose threw out words like “illegal content,” and other things, because the acts depicted in them were sometimes illegal in nature. Which, frankly, I find pretty disingenuous, because no one in the BBC or any retailers has ever kicked up even the tiniest of fusses about all the novels out there glorifying serial killers, date rapists, suicide bombers, real crime stories for titillation, etc.

But, I digress!

In a nutshell: Amazon blocked all of my Monster Stories. And right after I just changed the covers and re-uploaded them, which made me extra grumpy about it. That takes forever, Amazon! *shakes fist at the heavens* 

So, at least for now, my Monster Sex Series is down on all e-tailers until I figure out a game plan. They are all B-Movie erotic parodies of classic monster scenarios, and I love them. And since so many of you have read a few but not others and asked about them, I’m looking for a solution ASAP to get them into your hands! 

Stay tuned for updates! Ideally, I’d love to sell them through this website, but I’ll let you know after some research. 

Thanks for all your support, my lovelies! 

-Delilah 😉