Bound by the Viking 5: Conquered, is AVAILABLE NOW! The final chapter!

Bound by the Viking 5: Conquered is available now in the following stores: AMAZON BARNES & NOBLE KOBO Don’t miss the thrilling conclusion to this darkly erotic series! Here’s a sizzling sneak peak, just for you, my AMAZING readers… Brenna’s … Continue reading

New Release-BOUND BY THE VIKING 4: CORRUPTED is Available Now!

At long last, my lovely readers–a new release from Delilah Fawkes!

Bound by the Viking 4: Corrupted is AVAILABLE NOW in the following stores:


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Here’s a sizzling sneak peak:

“Ha! Look at the nerves on this one!” A soldier pointed at her, cackling. “Hope the little thing can still walk after a night with the chief!”

“She’s no spear maid,” another said, chortling. “Maybe he’ll go easy on this soft thing from the green isle.”

“The softer the better! A supple sheath for an iron blade!”

Laughter roared, and goblets thunked on wood, banging out their approval. Her face burned, but she kept standing, her new husband still gripping her, as if worried she’d fall if he let go.

“Enough, enough,” Alrik said, smiling. “Enjoy the rest of the feast and let the mead flow! We must take our leave.”

Denholm winked and downed the rest of his goblet beside them.

“Ah, the bedding! Good luck to you, little one, and Alrik,” he said. “Tell me if she is as good between her legs as she is between her lips.”

He leered at her, and Aislin turned away, swallowing a curse. The memory of their night together played through her mind, the taste of both of them rising up, unbidden, as gut churning as rot, and at the same time, as sweet as sin.

Alrik laughed and shook the man’s hand, then turned to her.

“Come, wife,” he growled.

Without warning, he bent down and scooped her up in his arms, tossing her over his shoulder like a sack of potatoes. Her goblet clattered to the floor. He shouted an order in his native tongue to one of the serving girls, who blanched at his words, then Aislin’s hair was in her face, her nose bumping her master’s tightly-muscled back as he strode off with her.

The clan roared behind them, laughter and song rising to the rafters, as they crossed into the chieftain’s room. The door closed behind them with a dull thud, muting the gaiety of the hall. The loudest noise now was the beating of Aislin’s heart in her ears, and the crackle and snap of the flames in the wide, stone hearth.

Alrik threw her down onto the bed, almost knocking the wind from her. She gasped and looked up at him, eyes shining with fear.

What could she do, now that this terrible moment was upon her? Could she run? Fight? Could she scratch and claw, or bite to keep him from taking the precious gift that lay between her legs?

One look at his face, at the set of his jaw and the glint in his gaze told her it would all be for naught. His rough hands flexed, as if waiting for her to try something, just so he could hold her down, pin her, and show her what good fighting would do her.

He would take what he wanted, and there was nothing she could do to stop him. She was his.


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The final installment, BOUND BY THE VIKING 5: CONQUERED is coming very, VERY soon! 😉




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The Description:

As if seeing her family slain and her home burned wasn’t enough, Aislin has been made the viking chieftan’s thrall, and must follow his every command if she wishes to survive long enough to make her escape back to her home–the emerald isle.

Alrik doesn’t just want a slave girl, though–after seeing her family’s crest among the spoils of war, he vows to make her his bride, and to dominate her sexually and mentally, until she submits to him, giving him her maidenhead on their wedding night. And what’s more, he vows to make her love him, although the very sight of him fills her fiery heart with a longing for revenge.

As the day of the wedding dawns, and Aislin plots her escape, she can think of only one thing–resisting the gorgeous viking alpha’s incredible hold over her. The way he makes her feel, even while humiliating her by pleasuring and teasing her in front of his men, is more intoxicating than mead, and more dangerous than sharpened steel.

If she’s to make it back to her homeland, she must resist him. But when the wedding day dawns, a sudden revelation changes everything, turning her plans upside down.

Can Aislin escape the clutches of her titillating master, before he binds her to him forever, or will his domination overcome all of her… including her heart?

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Here’s a Sizzling Sneak Peak!

No matter what she did each day, she couldn’t escape this moment. The moment when her master called her forward to serve him. The moment when the hard labor stopped and the humiliation began.

The moment when she began to lose herself… no matter what she did to stop it.

She felt his eyes on her all the way from the front of the hall. His gaze had weight, like he was touching her, laying claim to her, even from a distance. She sucked in a breath, trying to calm her racing heart, and made herself go to him, one foot at a time, not sure if she was dragging herself to her duty, or if his presence pulled her, drew her, unwilling, but unable to fight against his desire.

Her eyes flicked upward as she reached the dais, and she froze, pinned where she stood by his cool, blue stare.  His hands were tented beneath his jaw, a cruel smirk playing across his face as he assessed her.

Tonight, he was flanked by Lord Denholm again, but this time, the handsome Englishman dawdled a serving girl on his knee. Her braids dangled over her breasts, exposed, her tunic down around her waist, her rosy nipples peaked like spring buds. Denholm’s hand was buried beneath her skirt, his other hand stroking her throat.

Aislin shivered, remembering his touch the night before… his mouth on her… and the way his skin tasted. The way her cheeks burned with shame as he spent himself onto her belly, even while her body was alight with need…

For the span of a heartbeat, the urge to turn and run almost overwhelmed her, the urge to flee before these men could use her, before her master could humiliate her again in front of  hall. Before he could drive her mad with his touch again, playing her body like a harp until every part of her rang out in song.

Before she begged him to do just that, to take her to that dark, wicked place where she forgot everything else but the feel of his body on hers.

Before he broke her.

The moment passed, and she made her way toward Alrik. She stopped at his feet and bowed her head, waiting for his command.

“You look frightened, little girl,” he said. “Aren’t you happy to see your master?”

Aislin lifted her eyes and bit her tongue, willing away the black words that sprung to mind. The tears that she longed to shed, but instead trapped deep inside. The men were already in their cups, and the chief’s eyes shone with an eerie light. There was hunger there, yes, she was certain, but something marred it.

Something she’d never seen before.


“I am happy, Master,” she said.

He stroked his chin, watching her carefully. The girl on Denholm’s lap squealed as he kissed her neck, his hand working between her legs. The sight of them made Aislin’s sex throb uncomfortably, a heat growing inside of her, despite her discomfort watching the two so close. So unashamed.

So, it’s not just the Vikings who are the barbarians. All these men are, these Lords and Chiefs, who scourge our lands. 
She noticed the twist of Alrik’s lips as he looked at his companion, then back to her. She bit her lip, and his eyes traveled to her pink mouth, darkening as he watched her. He licked his lips.

“Does it bother you, thrall? Seeing the man you pleased so well last night, toying with another?”

“N-no, my Master. Whatever his wish is…”

Alrik moved faster than a viper, his arms darting out, pulling her onto his lap violently, spreading her legs over his lap until she straddled him, her face so close to his, they shared breath.

“Whatever my wish is, little girl.”

He bit her lip, and she let out a breathy moan, fear and arousal battling within her. His teeth dug in, marking her, but before she could cry out, he pulled back, gripping her chin in his powerful hand.

“You please me. And if it pleases me to give you to another, then that is my pleasure you seek, when you obey my will.”

She felt his cock beneath her, already hard as stone and pressing upward, seeking her heat.


The last word was a whisper, his eyes locked on hers, daring her to do anything other than submit to him–to give herself over completely to his will… To tell him that she sought anything else but his pleasure. Always his pleasure…

His hips ground upward, sending a ripple through her–a thrill straight to her core.

“Yes,” she breathed. “Master.”



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Viking Cover Reveal and a Shout Out to My Ravenous Readers!

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What is it about Vikings? (Eye Candy Ahead!)

Why are they soooo damn sexy?





I mean, they’re not exactly known for their table manners, and pillaging isn’t exactly a steady job, but there’s just something about those barbaric men that captures our … cough… hearts, and makes us swoon every damn time!

So what is it about vikings that keeps their women coming back for more?

beard vikingIs it all about the hair?




Or maybe the beards?

viking abs




Oh, hell, they’re sexy even when they’re beardless..


Is it the ripped bodies, tight and powerful from all that slaying on the battlefield?

pretty viking

Argh, they’re still damn sexy even when they’re more androgynous than buff.

So that can’t JUST be it!


Is it the intensity? The way they stare into your soul, the heart of a warrior beating in those sexy, tattoo-covered chests?

dredd viking


Why hello, Mr. Rough Hands. Yes, I DO want to go back to your longhall, thank you for asking!

I’ll snuggle up under the furs with you any day…


Oh, what’s that? There are TWO of you?

buff viking

Mmm, yes, I think we can work something out.

Pillage meeeeee!



Hell, that must be it.

Aside from the hair and the muscles and the alluring smell of sensual,  male sweat, it’s got to be the attitude more than anything else.

I mean, even modern vikings are hot as hell!

thor viking


Yep. Shirts are wholly unnecessary, Thor. Shirts are for quitters.




You know what? All clothes are optional!

Who needs clothes when you have a Sarsgaard??



In conclusion, I think we can all agree that no matter what we love about vikings, no matter what part of their oiled, brutish bodies we want to put our hands all over, and no matter who our favorite viking chief may be, one thing is certain:


(see what I did there)

So what do you guys think? What do YOU love best about the vikings coming to throw you over their backs and carry you away?

Tell me why vikings make you tingle in the comments below and stay tuned for the next installment of Bound by the Viking, coming out before you can say “by the hammer of Thor!”


Updates and News!

Hi, my lovely readers!

I have exciting updates, plans, schemes, and plots that I can’t wait to share with you :). Lately, my life has been like an episode of Gossip Girl, only with more terrifying family drama and way, way less glamour. BUT, I feel like now I’m at a place where I’ve passed through the heart of the poo-storm, and am headed back into the sunlight.

And thank God. Because even though I write some pretty melodramatic stuff sometimes, a girl can only stand so much, ya know? 😛

SO, back to the fun stuff, such as writing, and wearing pants instead of wallowing in a vodka-splashed bathrobe!

Here’s my current plan for upcoming New Releases:

Unmasked by Him (A Billionaire’s Beck and Call Short Story) is coming by the end of next week!

I am writing a short right now to bridge the gap between Tied to Him and the next book in The Billionaire’s Beck and Call Series, Run to Him (Book Four, a Work-in-Progress). I’ve finally figured out that Run to Him is going to focus on the ongoing struggles for Lucy and Rose and their sexy billionaires, but I want to hook you guys up with a little prologue while I write the rest ;).

Awww yeaaaaah… It’s going to be a good one!

Bound by the Viking is going to be coming out in installments every couple of weeks or so, starting damn soon!

I know you guys aren’t massive fans of the serialized novel, BUT, I *also* know that I’ve been taking approximately forever and a day to give you any new goodies for your Kindles and Nooks, and I feel like a jerkface. So, I’m going to hook you up!

Instead of releasing my stuff for $2.99 an installment, and making you languish until the whole thing’s out to get the discounted price, I’m going to release this novel at $0.99 per installment! That’s right, my darlings… now you can get your fix of hot, steamy, sweat-dripping Viking sexiness, fresh off the presses for less than a visit to RedBox!

And of course, when it’s all done, the full novel will be released as a package as well :).

* Run to Him: The Billionaire’s Beck and Call, Book Four is in the works, and should (hopefully) be out before Christmas!

I’m hoping to get it done sooner, and will be writing Bound by the Viking installments along the way, to keep you oh-so-satisfied while you wait.

So, there you have it, my patient, wonderful readers! Incoming Delilah Fawkes stories are whizzing at you, so either duck, or check back here for info on when they’ve hit the shelves! 😉

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The results are in! Who’s ready for a domineering viking alpha male? I am!



Why, hello, there… *drools*

You voted this week, and the results are in! Before I get to Run to Him: The Billionaire’s Beck and Call, Book Four, I am going to complete some unfinished business. 

Some very *cough* sexy unfinished business, I might add!

With 56% of votes going to Bound by the Viking, I now have a clear path, and I feel invigorated!

For those awesome 44% who are a little disappointed, don’t fret, my darlings! I promise to work my hardest to get this new novel complete and be back to steamy, sensual, sinfully sexy billionaires in no time!

Meanwhile, to get you ready for what’s in store… check out this sneak peak of the first part of Bound by the Viking

Happy reading, and thank you so much to everyone who voted! You’re fabulous!




The big man pulled her out into the light. At first, she still squinted, adjusting her eyes as she was pulled along, but the sound of waves, working men’s grunts, and the cry of sea fowl circling overhead let her know soon enough she was on an ocean vessel. Her eyes stopped watering as she was dragged to the front of the ship, past what she now saw were rows of men pulling oars, their wide-shoulders sweat-drenched in the hot midday sun.

He dragged her to the bow and yanked her hair again, forcing her to stare straight ahead.

“See that, little one? See that strip of land up yonder? That will be your home from now on. Welcome to Paaviken, and your new life. If you please the chief, you could have a place here.”

Tears streamed down her cheeks now, chilling her as she shivered in nothing but ropes and her torn shift, facing what she feared was now her destiny. Up ahead, she saw a scattering of wooden buildings surrounding a great hall, all nestled on the icy banks of a wide bay. They would be on shore any minute, and for the first time, she wondered how long she’d slept in the darkness of the ship.

How long had it been since her home burned? Since she was taken?

Not that time mattered when each second sped her toward some new horror.

Determined to cry no more for these brutish men, she let her last tears dry in the harsh sea air, setting her jaw. She would face whatever was to come with all the bravery she could muster. It’s what her father would have wanted.


Once on shore, she was taken by several large-boned women with hard faces into an outbuilding and scrubbed unceremoniously in a half-barrel full of warm water. She felt like a mule standing there naked before these strangers, getting her skin rubbed raw with coarse cloths, until she was clean and glowing. They removed the ropes, and she winced as the hot water touched the raw skin, but was glad for the kindness nonetheless.

They chattered softly among themselves, ignoring her even as they dressed her, laying out clean garb for her to wear, obvious finery compared to their own homespun and furs. They brushed her wet hair, touching it and commenting on its color and softness, so much different than their own. Compared to their muddy blonde, her red must have been something special, especially the way they fawned over her appearance, braiding it artfully in a way that made her feel like a princess. Either that, or a whore.

She’d never dressed this well or fussed much over her looks, much less lain with a man, but as the hours passed, it became increasingly clear that she was being prepared as a gift of sorts for the head of this village. The thought made fear coil inside her stomach like a snake, the anxiety biting at her as she thought of who might be waiting for her in the long hall.

“Are you a maid?” One of the women glared down at her, hands on her strong hips.

Tears threatened to sting her eyes again, but she squared her jaw and nodded. “Yes.”

The woman frowned at her, then grabbed her with calloused hands, digging under her skirt before she could fight her off. An index finger worked its way between her squirming thighs and invaded her tightness. Aislin clapped a hand over her mouth as a sharp pain ripped through her. Her muscles clenched around the woman, and to her horror, a wetness grew as the blonde woman examined her.

Finally, she removed her hand and gave a sharp nod. Apparently, she’d passed the test. Her cheeks burned with humiliation as her sea blue gown was pulled roughly back down and smoothed down over her bare body. She would have given anything at that moment for a stitch of undergarments, but she knew that barrier would do no good. She was completely at these barbarians’ mercy. There was nothing that could stop them, not with so many of them in one place, and her stranded on this icy stretch of unfamiliar land.

She couldn’t run, or she’d surely freeze to death, if she didn’t starve first, and if she tried to wrestle a weapon away, she’d be overcome. For now, she knew she needed to be brave. And the bravest thing of all would be to let them do what they wished with her, if only to keep herself alive. Her moment would come, and in time, God willing, she would escape.

Raucous laughter met her ears and she cringed, dragged along by the strong hands of the blonde women. The cold bit into her in a way she never experienced back on the emerald isle–her former home. She shook, her small frame trembling as she was pushed along, as if she weighted no more than a leaf.

The door slammed open and she was pushed inside, feet barely skimming the floor in the leather shoes they’d given her, her linen gown swishing around her as she stumbled along as best she could. The smell of cooking game meat filled her nostrils, and her stomach rumbled painfully. How long had it been since she’d eaten a real meal?

Men filled the long benches of the hall, their long hair rippling down their backs in waves, some bearded and some clean-shaven. They laughed and hit one another as she passed, each eating a rich-looking stew out of a trough of crusty bread. She had the almost overwhelming urge to drop to her knees in front of one of them and beg for mercy–Let me eat! Help me, and I’ll be yours!–but there was no opportunity as she was pushed roughly forward, past the stink of stale sweat and ale, and the clamor of drinking horns slamming down on rough-hewn wood.

She looked up then, to where she was being taken, the dais at the end of the hall. Her breath caught in her throat. A man sat on an intricately-carved wooden chair, above the rest of the men, laughing with a man standing nearby, but possessing an undeniable air of authority. His hair was like bright wheat, falling down his shoulders, longer than the others and shining in the light from the flickering torches on the walls. His tunic was held at the shoulder with an intricate silver brooch, his cloak of fine dark wool. His close-trimmed golden beard accentuated the firm line of his jaw, masculine and yet altogether beautiful juxtaposed with his soft lips and piercing grey eyes.

Aislin tried not to stare, but at that moment, he turned to regard her, his eyes focused on hers, hard like iron, but as arresting as ice on a winter lake. Heat blossomed in her breast as she met his gaze, and saw the first flicker of approval.

“What have you brought me?” His voice was rich and silken, his accent rounded and flowing.

“This girl is the fairest of the thralls we took. The men wanted to make a gift of her.”

The tall woman at her right curtsied, and the others released her, making her stumble before the great wooden chair. They left and suddenly, she felt alone and exposed, standing before this great man. Warriors surrounded him, staring down at her slender body, their eyes sliding down over her delicate curves.

The chief dismissed them with a wave of his hand, and soon, despite the crowd joking and eating around us, she felt her world narrow to just her and him–the only thing that existed was the dais and the beautiful man radiating power and male potency in a way she couldn’t deny.

“Come here, girl.” 



So… I’ve been having some writer’s block, and need your opinion!

Hey, sexy readers!

I need your help. I’ve been stuck on the beginning of the new Billionaire’s Beck and Call Book, and realized that my brain may need to change things up. I’ve also been bothered by the fact that I wrote this smokin’ hot opening chapter to Bound by the Viking, and then never actually wrote the rest of the story, leaving a bunch of you hanging, like a jerkface. Due to the popularity of the first Beck and Call book, I stopped writing it to write Bound to Him, and here we are today.

So, I propose a solution, but I’d like to hear your thoughts before I decide anything.

I’m thinking about rebooting my brain by finishing up Bound by the Viking and releasing it as a full novel before continuing the Beck and Call Series. This way, I figure you’ll get a book faster, because I won’t be staring at a blank page for days on end, like I just did this week.

Are you cool with that? I don’t want to pull a G.R.R. Martin on you here! YOU guys are the most important thing to me, because making you happy is my entire job. It’s what makes this job the best job in the world :).

SO, YOU TELL ME! Please take my poll below, and your wish is my command.

Thank you so much for being my fabulous readers, and for making your voices heard!