Monster Lovin’ Series, Available Now, Exclusively on My Site!

Monster Lovin’ is Here, and it Wants YOU!

For the first time ever, I’m selling e-books directly from this site, so you can have the naughty, naughty stories that were too HOT, too STEAMY, too BEASTLY, for other e-tailers!

All eight stories in my Monster Lovin’ Series are available now under my “Where to Buy Sizzling Reads” tab, above! Just click on the links to get your Monster Fix, but be warned… these stories are not for the faint of heart! They are rough and scaly and sometimes downright dangerous, so proceed at your own risk!

Here are the descriptions of these monstrous tales to whet your appetite…

Loved by the Swamp Creature!

When Krissy’s date ditches her by the lakeside because she won’t put out, she gets a lot more than the shivers from the cool, dark water.

Little does she know there’s a creature in the lake with an insatiable hunger… for sex!

Loved by the Wolfman!

When born-again Sally goes on a romantic picnic with Harry, she fights the urge to give in to temptation and sex his brains out.

But, when the full moon emerges and Harry transforms into a werewolf, she realizes she’s in more trouble than she bargained for!

Loved by the Mummy!

When Egyptologist, Layla, accidentally opens a hidden chamber inside of the dig site, she knows she’s made a huge discovery.

But when she’s trapped inside with a sarcophagus, and the giant golden phallus mounted on top of it, she knows she’s in for one spooky ride!

Loved by Dracula!

“Looking for young, innocent woman to devour. Will host.”

When Tina responds to the sexy Dr. Acula’s Craigslist ad, she’s hoping he’ll feed her need for some hot action. Little does she know, the stranger with hypnotic eyes also hungers… for blood!

Loved by Frankenstein’s Monster!

When Dr. Frank N. Stein’s intern, Elsa, is forced to clean up his lab after hours, a lightning storm shuts of all the power leaving her alone with a corpse and a major case of the creeps. But when a lightning bolt and a broken vial of “Reanimation Agent” bring the corpse to life, she knows she’s got real problems.

Not only is she alone with a monster, but it seems to have a bad case of rigor mortis… in it’s dick!

Loved by the Invisible Man!

When Cybil’s hotel is robbed by a mysterious thief with bandages and sunglasses covering his face, she figures her day can’t get any worse.

That night, an invisible lover visits her in her bed and she assumes the rumors of ghosts in her hotel are true.

But is the mysterious sex fiend more man than myth?

Loved by Cthulhu!

Emiri’s dreams have been full of the lost city of R’lyeh, and the words of the old gods: Ph’nglui mglw’nafh Cthulhu R’lyeh wgah’nagl fhtagn. In his house at R’lyeh, dead Cthulhu waits dreaming. But her dreams have an undertone that make her squirm in her bed.

Instead of terror, arousal courses through her.

When she convinces her fellow anthropology student, Isaia, to try to find the city, she has no idea what evil lurks for them there.

In his house on R’lyeh, dead Cthulu waits, dreaming. Of her.

Loved by a Zombie Horde!

Rose has one rule when it comes to staying alive in the post-apocalyptic hellscape she calls home: Stay sharp. If you’re not sharp, you could miss something, and when you miss something, that’s when they get you–The Sex Zombies.

If they make you cum, you die, turning into a mindless, horny, walking corpse.

When Rose saves Jake from a horde of the undead, she knows right away he’s not good for her survival. He’s hot as hell, but sex is one distraction that could get them killed. Will he be the something that dulls her edge, or will they both make it to safety with their underwear in tact?

So… who’s ready for one wild night? Or maybe more than one? 😉

Updates and News!

Hi, my lovely readers!

I have exciting updates, plans, schemes, and plots that I can’t wait to share with you :). Lately, my life has been like an episode of Gossip Girl, only with more terrifying family drama and way, way less glamour. BUT, I feel like now I’m at a place where I’ve passed through the heart of the poo-storm, and am headed back into the sunlight.

And thank God. Because even though I write some pretty melodramatic stuff sometimes, a girl can only stand so much, ya know? 😛

SO, back to the fun stuff, such as writing, and wearing pants instead of wallowing in a vodka-splashed bathrobe!

Here’s my current plan for upcoming New Releases:

Unmasked by Him (A Billionaire’s Beck and Call Short Story) is coming by the end of next week!

I am writing a short right now to bridge the gap between Tied to Him and the next book in The Billionaire’s Beck and Call Series, Run to Him (Book Four, a Work-in-Progress). I’ve finally figured out that Run to Him is going to focus on the ongoing struggles for Lucy and Rose and their sexy billionaires, but I want to hook you guys up with a little prologue while I write the rest ;).

Awww yeaaaaah… It’s going to be a good one!

Bound by the Viking is going to be coming out in installments every couple of weeks or so, starting damn soon!

I know you guys aren’t massive fans of the serialized novel, BUT, I *also* know that I’ve been taking approximately forever and a day to give you any new goodies for your Kindles and Nooks, and I feel like a jerkface. So, I’m going to hook you up!

Instead of releasing my stuff for $2.99 an installment, and making you languish until the whole thing’s out to get the discounted price, I’m going to release this novel at $0.99 per installment! That’s right, my darlings… now you can get your fix of hot, steamy, sweat-dripping Viking sexiness, fresh off the presses for less than a visit to RedBox!

And of course, when it’s all done, the full novel will be released as a package as well :).

* Run to Him: The Billionaire’s Beck and Call, Book Four is in the works, and should (hopefully) be out before Christmas!

I’m hoping to get it done sooner, and will be writing Bound by the Viking installments along the way, to keep you oh-so-satisfied while you wait.

So, there you have it, my patient, wonderful readers! Incoming Delilah Fawkes stories are whizzing at you, so either duck, or check back here for info on when they’ve hit the shelves! 😉

Or as always, please sign up for my Newsletter, and you may even get some extra goodies along the way…

Happy Reading ;).

Fire Sale! (In Your PANTS)

I just noticed that one of my hottest, favorite stories of mine, MY BEST FRIEND’S BROTHER (Sleepover Sluts) is edging its way up in the rankings. Yay! 🙂

This has inspired me to try an experiment, and have my first ever EROTICA BOGO SALE!

Basically, if you buy a copy of My Best Friend’s Brother from Amazon, I’ll give you TWO of my other stories for FREE! Buy one, get two of your choosing free, either with Smashwords coupons or kindle gifts :).

Click here to purchase!

Here’s the blurb:

When self-proclaimed nympho, Bailey, sleeps over at Amber’s house, she hears her too-sexy brother, Brian masturbating through his bedroom door. When he calls out her name, she enters his room to make all of his wildest fantasies come true.

However, Bailey’s in for a surprise. Brian wants to dominate her, and won’t take “no” for an answer. He’s a master in the sack, but is Bailey ready to let go and let him rock her world?

Warning: This 3800 word story contains intense oral sex, sixty-nining, thick cocks, hot brothers, voyeurism, domination, spanking and some very wet panties. May be too hot to handle! 

YUM ;). 

I’m not sure how long this sale of mine will last, so seize the day (or seize something else and go to town!)

If you do buy this hot story on Amazon, let me know either in the comments, or through email (Delilahfawkes at gmail dot com), and I’ll hook you up with two awesome freebies of your choosing.

Happy one-handed reading, and thanks for your support!

All Smut, All the Time!

If you’ve found this blog, I’m hoping you are similar to me in a few ways. Let’s take a test and find out, shall we? 🙂

1) Do you like reading naughty stories?
2) Do you like sex?
3) Have you ever read a sexy story in public on an e-reader and felt the thrill of being oh, so bad?

If you answered “yes!” to any of these questions, then you’re in the right place.

I’m a professional smut slinger (also known as an erotica author), and love nothing more than writing the hottest stories for your e-reader, be they funny, scary, romantic, or (most likely) straight up raunchy.

On this blog I hope to chat about sex, e-books, hot reads, and also keep you up to date on my latest releases. Enjoy! I’m glad you came ;).

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