What is it about Vikings? (Eye Candy Ahead!)

Why are they soooo damn sexy?





I mean, they’re not exactly known for their table manners, and pillaging isn’t exactly a steady job, but there’s just something about those barbaric men that captures our … cough… hearts, and makes us swoon every damn time!

So what is it about vikings that keeps their women coming back for more?

beard vikingIs it all about the hair?




Or maybe the beards?

viking abs




Oh, hell, they’re sexy even when they’re beardless..


Is it the ripped bodies, tight and powerful from all that slaying on the battlefield?

pretty viking

Argh, they’re still damn sexy even when they’re more androgynous than buff.

So that can’t JUST be it!


Is it the intensity? The way they stare into your soul, the heart of a warrior beating in those sexy, tattoo-covered chests?

dredd viking


Why hello, Mr. Rough Hands. Yes, I DO want to go back to your longhall, thank you for asking!

I’ll snuggle up under the furs with you any day…


Oh, what’s that? There are TWO of you?

buff viking

Mmm, yes, I think we can work something out.

Pillage meeeeee!



Hell, that must be it.

Aside from the hair and the muscles and the alluring smell of sensual,  male sweat, it’s got to be the attitude more than anything else.

I mean, even modern vikings are hot as hell!

thor viking


Yep. Shirts are wholly unnecessary, Thor. Shirts are for quitters.




You know what? All clothes are optional!

Who needs clothes when you have a Sarsgaard??



In conclusion, I think we can all agree that no matter what we love about vikings, no matter what part of their oiled, brutish bodies we want to put our hands all over, and no matter who our favorite viking chief may be, one thing is certain:


(see what I did there)

So what do you guys think? What do YOU love best about the vikings coming to throw you over their backs and carry you away?

Tell me why vikings make you tingle in the comments below and stay tuned for the next installment of Bound by the Viking, coming out before you can say “by the hammer of Thor!”