The first book in “The Billionaire’s Beck and Call” Series is FREE! Get it now!


The Billionaire’s Beck and Call, Book One

The first book in the best-selling erotic romance series, THE BILLIONAIRE’S BECK AND CALL, is FREE!

If you’re new to the series, snap your copy up today! 🙂

The books in this sizzling, hit series are all inter-related, but can be read as standalones. Enjoy, and happy reading!


Come to Delilah Fawkes’ Birthday Bash & Get Lucky!

Happy birthday, INDEED…

Well, or at least have a chance to win some fabulous prizes! 😉

YOU’RE INVITED to a very special birthday party THIS FRIDAY, February 28th! 

Come celebrate me getting older, yet somehow, more fabulous, and stick around to mingle, party down, and win books, chocolate, and MORE! I’m giving away SIGNED paperbacks of all three books in The Billionaire’s Beck and Call Series! Are you feeling lucky?

Prizes will be given away every half hour, because I live by the Hobbit version of havin’ a birthday. Giving gifts to awesome guests rules! I can’t wait to hang out with you all, and have a blast! 😉

Friend me on Facebook, and stop on by! Party runs from 5 P.M. PST to 8 P.M. PST. Tell your friends–all are welcome! CLICK HERE for event info, and pass the word along!

See you there, my fabulous readers…

My friend, and wonderful USA TODAY bestselling author, Nancy Warren, is having an incredible launch party tonight!

KISS A GIRL IN THE RAIN is coming out, and to celebrate, she’s having incredible giveaways all night long from fabulous authors, including yours truly! The fun starts at 4:30 pm, so in just a few. You won’t want to miss it!


At 6:30 PM tonight, I’m going to be hanging out, and I’ll giveaway a SIGNED paperback version of all three books in THE BILLIONAIRE’S BECK AND CALL SERIES!

That’s right, I’ll send you all three books SIGNED and personalized, right to your doorstep! 😉 I may even draw something naughty in them if you ask nicely…

Other fabulous authors who will be attending include: Geri Foster, Tawny Weber, Bobby Hutchinson, Shelley Adina, Sylvia McDaniel, Talia Quinn, and Debra Salonen! We’re all going to be chatting about bucket lists, writing, the importance of chocolate, sex, anything you want to talk about or ask! It’s an open forum.,

There are prizes every 15 minutes, and a grand prize of a $25 Amazon gift certificate and one book by each of us.

We’ll be here until 7:30 pst (which is 10:30 est), starting now on Facebook. CLICK HERE TO JOIN THE FUN!

So make sure to come say “hi!” and support a wonderful author you’re sure to fall in love with! And who knows… you could be a winner of some great prizes, including paperbacks, e-books, and that gift card… 😉

Tell your friends, and see you all there! ❤

And the Winner of the $10 MANIC MONDAY Gift Card Is….


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Win a $10 Amazon Gift Card Monday–Sign Up Now!

Hey, Gang!

Wooo boy things got busy for your friendly, neighborhood Delilah Fawkes this week, but in a good way :). However, this means I’m making this week’s double giveaway simpler for everyone, so I can get back to finishing my new release–Win/WIN!

Instead of doing the Fawkesy Lady Code Word, I’m including EVERYONE who signs up for my newsletter by Sunday night at midnight an entry into the contest!

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