Can the Sinner Be Righteously Indignant? I’m Pissed Off Today.

Just because I write about sex, doesn’t mean I’m a sicko.

Just because I enjoy sex doesn’t mean I’m a pervert.

Just because I’m a woman, doesn’t mean my opinion doesn’t matter.

And just because I enjoy and produce smut, doesn’t mean that I’m not a good person. It just means I’m honest about my sexuality and am doing what I love for a living.

I’m venting because there is a discussion happening in the comments of J.A. Konrath’s blog about the PayPal censorship issue, which seems to be devolving into an “erotica authors are bad people” and “most people find what they write about vile” debate.

Here’s the comment that set me off:

I also find so much irony in righteous indignation from unrighteousness. It makes me smile.”

My response:

“Why do you say we’re unrighteous :)?

Personally, I believe in God and Christian living, but I also enjoy sex and reading about sex. 

Does that make me unrighteous or my opinion laughable?”

I believe in God and try to always do unto others as I would have them do unto me. But now I’m a bad person whose opinion is “ironic” because of what I choose to write.

There are other comments that are taking a distinctly misogynistic slant, bashing fantasies while women have held dear in romance novels for decades, such as “dubious consent” fantasies (“Oh, no, Mr. Pirate King, so not rip my bodice!!”) and calling their male lovers “daddy.”

I’m angry, and you know what I’m going to do about it?