Fawkesy Lady Code Word INCOMING, and an update!

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I wanted to have Bound by the Viking, Part Three out this week, but by now, you guys know how I am. Writers all live on Island Time or something, so when I hope to do something one day, give or take a week. 

We writers are all riddled with ADHD, although we try our best. It’s part of our allure! 😀

Anywho, I do have a fabulous new tale for you in the meantime, which I absolutely love, and think you’ll adore:

Branded by the Rancher’s Ghost is available now in the following stores:


Barnes and Noble



The Description:

Kat knows she’s running when she buys the old ranch on a whim, but is she running from her old life, or to something more… something that calls to her as she lies in bed, listening to the howling, prairie wind? 

Because aside from the secret she can’t seem to forget, the ranch holds a mystery of its own. The scratching in the attic above her bed… a box of keepsakes of a heart-broken cowboy… the nagging idea that death isn’t the end of love, but perhaps, a new beginning… The shadow looming over her, smelling like male sweat and old saddle leather… 

As Kat explores the strangeness that lurks in the darkness, calling to her in her dreams, she faces something stronger than the reaper. A love that waits. A love that bleeds. A love that does the unspeakable to bring two hearts back together again. 

Magic, sensuality, and the intoxication of fear combine in this heady, erotic 8700 word story, guaranteed to stick with you, like a brand on your heart. Are you ready to face the darkness, and shine a light on a forbidden love? 


And a sizzling sneak peak, just for you!

I stood beneath a lone tree, its grey arms bare and scorched, as if it lightning struck it long ago. The fields stretched out around me, the grass now dove grey—the sky an electric, storm-laced violet. The mountains crouched above, black monsters watching. Waiting.

I shivered. A cool wind caressed my skin, howling across the valley, rustling the thin shift I wore around my bare legs, my toes digging into the dusty earth. My nipples hardened, my whole body tingling with anticipation—with electricity.

Something was about to happen. Something came ever closer, rolling in the wind, riding the storm, filling me with an unquiet feeling… a fearful yearning I’d never experienced before. I felt like the dry clay beneath my feet—crying out for the rain to come. The sky darkened above, the clouds the color of bruised flesh.

And just like that, I felt him.

He stood behind me, just beneath the shadow of the tree, his presence undeniable, although I hadn’t heard him or felt him arrive. He was just there, as if he’d always been there. Waiting. Watching.

The scent of him filled my senses—old leather and soil, animal musk, and beneath it all something that uniquely his, as hauntingly familiar as an old song. The power of just that scent made my heart clench in my chest, my body alive and waiting for his touch.

You returned to me.

His voice was in my mind, rolling on the plains, crashing like thunder in the roiling clouds. He was the storm and the storm was him. He was a force of nature, wild and deadly—untamed.


I breathed the word without thinking, but once it left my lips, I knew it was true.

I spilled the blood, and I waited… Waited to hold you in my arms one last time.

“I’m here.”

My wild girl… How long I’ve hungered for this moment.

A strong arm slid around my waist, drawing me back into him. I let out a shuddering breath as I felt his body behind me, hard and tall as an oak. He brushed my hair back from my face with a calloused hand, rough from years of toil, then ran it down my neck and caressed my throat. I shivered and leaned back into him.

He wanted me. His hard cock against the small of my back made me moan softly, like the wind as it rushed over the rocky mountain passes. One strap fell, then another, until I was bared to the waist, this strange man somehow intoxicating, luring me to do things I would normally never dare. But all of it felt like it had happened before, and would happen again.

His hands on me played like a song, the rasp of his rough palm over my nipple a tune I’d forgotten, but made my heart fill to bursting upon catching the melody when I least expected it.



Happy reading, and good luck with this week’s contest! 🙂