FED TO THE WOLVES 3: Pre-Order Cancelled, but Book Still Coming Out–New Release Date!

Fed to the Wolves 3Hi, All,

I know some of you had pre-ordered the next book in my new series FED TO THE WOLVES, PART 3: BLOOD MOON RISING, so I wanted to give you a quick head’s up about the release date.

Due to an unexpected family emergency, I realized I would not be able to turn this book in to Amazon by their allotted time (two weeks before the pre-order release date), and had to cancel the pre-order. Those of you who purchased ahead of time, will be getting a notice in your inbox letting you know that the order was cancelled, but fear not! 🙂 The book is still coming out, and very, very soon!

I sincerely apologize for having to cancel that pre-order, and am sorry for any confusion that caused. I SO appreciate you guys who faithfully pre-order, and wanted to give you some love, so you didn’t think I was no longer publishing, or leaving you guys hanging :).

The book will be out the first week in October, as promised, and I’ll blog here, as well as sending out my newsletter on the new Release Day, so you’ll know when to pick up your copy.

Thank you for your understanding, your awesomeness for being one of my loyal readers, and your patience. MWAH!

Have a great night, and love, from Delilah! ❤

Updates! Or “Where the Hell is Delilah?”

Hi, gang!

I wanted to check in and give you a quick update on what’s going on in my life, since I’ve been silent for a week when I should have been releasing the next installment of Bound by the Viking, as intended.

I’m actually filing for divorce and moving out of my home into a new place, so as you can imagine, things are not only emotional, but hectic as I move things, try to hop onto the internet for a few minutes at a time, and drive all over town. The good news is that I’m positive that, moving forward, I’m going to be the happiest I’ve ever been in my adult life :). My husband is a great guy and an amazing friend, but I’ve come to realize there’s so much more than I need and that I can give, so it’s an exciting time for me, although a crazy one as well.

Wish me luck, and I’ll be back with you all soon, getting you stories and more sneak peaks of Run to Him: The Billionaire’s Beck and Call, Book Four, coming soon!

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Thanks for your patience during this tumultuous time, and happy reading, my darlings!

My Brain is Having Technical Difficulties…

I am couch locked with a cold today, so if I’m slow to respond to emails, please forgive me. I’ve been staring at one for about 10 minutes now and have yet to write a coherent word back, soooo I figured I should warn you that I’m slow like molasses right now :).

Thanks for your patience! I’m going to go watch Shark Tank now and take some “medicine…”

Love ya, guys! See you soon, hopefully well, and ready to rock and roll again.

Fawkesy Lady Code Word INCOMING, and an update!

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I wanted to have Bound by the Viking, Part Three out this week, but by now, you guys know how I am. Writers all live on Island Time or something, so when I hope to do something one day, give or take a week. 

We writers are all riddled with ADHD, although we try our best. It’s part of our allure! 😀

Anywho, I do have a fabulous new tale for you in the meantime, which I absolutely love, and think you’ll adore:

Branded by the Rancher’s Ghost is available now in the following stores:


Barnes and Noble



The Description:

Kat knows she’s running when she buys the old ranch on a whim, but is she running from her old life, or to something more… something that calls to her as she lies in bed, listening to the howling, prairie wind? 

Because aside from the secret she can’t seem to forget, the ranch holds a mystery of its own. The scratching in the attic above her bed… a box of keepsakes of a heart-broken cowboy… the nagging idea that death isn’t the end of love, but perhaps, a new beginning… The shadow looming over her, smelling like male sweat and old saddle leather… 

As Kat explores the strangeness that lurks in the darkness, calling to her in her dreams, she faces something stronger than the reaper. A love that waits. A love that bleeds. A love that does the unspeakable to bring two hearts back together again. 

Magic, sensuality, and the intoxication of fear combine in this heady, erotic 8700 word story, guaranteed to stick with you, like a brand on your heart. Are you ready to face the darkness, and shine a light on a forbidden love? 


And a sizzling sneak peak, just for you!

I stood beneath a lone tree, its grey arms bare and scorched, as if it lightning struck it long ago. The fields stretched out around me, the grass now dove grey—the sky an electric, storm-laced violet. The mountains crouched above, black monsters watching. Waiting.

I shivered. A cool wind caressed my skin, howling across the valley, rustling the thin shift I wore around my bare legs, my toes digging into the dusty earth. My nipples hardened, my whole body tingling with anticipation—with electricity.

Something was about to happen. Something came ever closer, rolling in the wind, riding the storm, filling me with an unquiet feeling… a fearful yearning I’d never experienced before. I felt like the dry clay beneath my feet—crying out for the rain to come. The sky darkened above, the clouds the color of bruised flesh.

And just like that, I felt him.

He stood behind me, just beneath the shadow of the tree, his presence undeniable, although I hadn’t heard him or felt him arrive. He was just there, as if he’d always been there. Waiting. Watching.

The scent of him filled my senses—old leather and soil, animal musk, and beneath it all something that uniquely his, as hauntingly familiar as an old song. The power of just that scent made my heart clench in my chest, my body alive and waiting for his touch.

You returned to me.

His voice was in my mind, rolling on the plains, crashing like thunder in the roiling clouds. He was the storm and the storm was him. He was a force of nature, wild and deadly—untamed.


I breathed the word without thinking, but once it left my lips, I knew it was true.

I spilled the blood, and I waited… Waited to hold you in my arms one last time.

“I’m here.”

My wild girl… How long I’ve hungered for this moment.

A strong arm slid around my waist, drawing me back into him. I let out a shuddering breath as I felt his body behind me, hard and tall as an oak. He brushed my hair back from my face with a calloused hand, rough from years of toil, then ran it down my neck and caressed my throat. I shivered and leaned back into him.

He wanted me. His hard cock against the small of my back made me moan softly, like the wind as it rushed over the rocky mountain passes. One strap fell, then another, until I was bared to the waist, this strange man somehow intoxicating, luring me to do things I would normally never dare. But all of it felt like it had happened before, and would happen again.

His hands on me played like a song, the rasp of his rough palm over my nipple a tune I’d forgotten, but made my heart fill to bursting upon catching the melody when I least expected it.



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I hope everyone had a fabulous holiday, and that you all have a fantastic New Year. And thank you so much to everyone who sent me holiday wishes :3. You guys are the BEST, and I really appreciated the love!

On a personal note (or maybe an overshare note? OH WELL), I actually had the very best Christmas of my adult life. I was away from my Toxic Family, who you guys may remember me talking about a few weeks back, for the first time ever, and even better spent the holidays with my husband’s family who completely adopted me and are some of the warmest, kindest people I’ve ever known :). It was wonderful to experience that it’s possible to have a peaceful holiday surrounded by people who genuinely care about me, and I’m back feeling refreshed and very excited to see what the new year brings.

I hope all of enter this new year with the same sense of excitement and anticipation, and that it’s the best one yet for every single one of us :).

Thanks for being amazing, and for supporting me and my books! It means the world, and I couldn’t do it without you! Much love from the bottom of my heart!

MWAH! *kisses blown in your general direction*


Updates and News!

Hi, my lovely readers!

I have exciting updates, plans, schemes, and plots that I can’t wait to share with you :). Lately, my life has been like an episode of Gossip Girl, only with more terrifying family drama and way, way less glamour. BUT, I feel like now I’m at a place where I’ve passed through the heart of the poo-storm, and am headed back into the sunlight.

And thank God. Because even though I write some pretty melodramatic stuff sometimes, a girl can only stand so much, ya know? 😛

SO, back to the fun stuff, such as writing, and wearing pants instead of wallowing in a vodka-splashed bathrobe!

Here’s my current plan for upcoming New Releases:

Unmasked by Him (A Billionaire’s Beck and Call Short Story) is coming by the end of next week!

I am writing a short right now to bridge the gap between Tied to Him and the next book in The Billionaire’s Beck and Call Series, Run to Him (Book Four, a Work-in-Progress). I’ve finally figured out that Run to Him is going to focus on the ongoing struggles for Lucy and Rose and their sexy billionaires, but I want to hook you guys up with a little prologue while I write the rest ;).

Awww yeaaaaah… It’s going to be a good one!

Bound by the Viking is going to be coming out in installments every couple of weeks or so, starting damn soon!

I know you guys aren’t massive fans of the serialized novel, BUT, I *also* know that I’ve been taking approximately forever and a day to give you any new goodies for your Kindles and Nooks, and I feel like a jerkface. So, I’m going to hook you up!

Instead of releasing my stuff for $2.99 an installment, and making you languish until the whole thing’s out to get the discounted price, I’m going to release this novel at $0.99 per installment! That’s right, my darlings… now you can get your fix of hot, steamy, sweat-dripping Viking sexiness, fresh off the presses for less than a visit to RedBox!

And of course, when it’s all done, the full novel will be released as a package as well :).

* Run to Him: The Billionaire’s Beck and Call, Book Four is in the works, and should (hopefully) be out before Christmas!

I’m hoping to get it done sooner, and will be writing Bound by the Viking installments along the way, to keep you oh-so-satisfied while you wait.

So, there you have it, my patient, wonderful readers! Incoming Delilah Fawkes stories are whizzing at you, so either duck, or check back here for info on when they’ve hit the shelves! 😉

Or as always, please sign up for my Newsletter, and you may even get some extra goodies along the way…

Happy Reading ;).

Writing Updates from Your Friendly, Neighborhood Delilah Fawkes

Hi, guys!

I know you have probably been wondering if I had a bookshelf or something heavy fall on me and have been trapped beneath it all this time, desperately wanting to blog, and unable to. Luckily, though, that was not the case! Unluckily, I have been dealing with family issues, and am just coming out the other end of the Tunnel of Drama.

I had to say goodbye to some toxic family members, which was heartbreaking, but the right thing to do in order to preserve my sanity as well as my husband’s. Thirty years of being in a toxic family is about thirty too many, and I’m just learning how to come out of the guilt and feel the freedom to breathe for the first time. It’s scary and feels about as hard as mourning for someone who passed away, but now, for the first time in my life, I feel free to really be myself–free from worrying what the toxic family will think of me, what cruel things they’ll say next, when they’ll hurt me or what they’ll judge me for at the next family holiday. It feels really strange, but so good it’s breathtaking.

I’m lucky enough to be blessed with some truly wonderful people in my life from my husband’s family, and incredible friends who are closer to me than anyone I share a bloodline with. It’s amazing to see these people come around me in my time of crisis and show me what *un*conditional love is like in a family. It’s beautiful, and it really makes me feel so happy even while I’m going through such sadness. 

I’m sharing these things for a couple of reasons.

First, I wanted you to know where the hell I’ve been and why you don’t have any books yet. There’s been lots of crying and lots of hugging and lots of working on myself, and not a whole lot of doing what I love. But now, I’m back on the job, and literally, better than ever. So much stress that’s been holding me back for so long is gone now, and that’s a wonderful thing :). Here’s to a new year of writing dreamy new books, faster and with joy in my heart.

Second, I know there are a lot of people out there hurting, people with toxic family who uses love as a bargaining chip, taking it away and teasing with it, instead of giving it freely, no matter what choices their “loved” ones make. If you have a family that hurts more than it loves, don’t be afraid. You’re not alone! And you can give yourself the gift of freedom if you feel it’s what YOU need to do to heal and live a happy life. My own family members have pretty severe personality disorders, which made it impossible to set healthy boundaries with them (and boy did I try… and try… and try some more), so I had to remove myself. It’s the right thing to do sometimes, and sometimes just guarding your heart and limiting how you interact with them can be a lifesaver. 

If you feel that you have toxic people in your life, check out this site: http://outofthefog.net/. There is a ton of helpful information on personality disorders, setting boundaries, what constitutes abuse, and best of all, an amazing group of people on a forum who’ve been there, done that, and are ready to support you. They were a great help, and the information there was nothing short of a godsend.

Now, I know that if/when I have my own kids, I won’t be exposing them to the abuse I suffered, as well as being as mentally healthy as I’ve ever been. I’m doing this for my future, my husband’s future, and the future of *my* family, and that feels oh, so good. 

Anyway, I wanted to update you all :). 

And in the best news of all, I had a break-through on the plot of the next book in The Billionaire’s Beck and Call Series! I’m writing away on that as well as Bound by the Viking, so look forward to new books from me very very soon ;). Awwww yeaaaah!

Thanks for your patience and love, my fabulous readers! *smooches!*

A New Series in the Works! BBW Romance

I’m waaaay too excited and need to stop drinking caffeine, because I’m completely in love.

In love with a new series that I’m writing just for you!

Lush Curves is a new serial about a beautiful, plus size hawaiian woman, Aolani Kahale who is swept up in the world of modeling when her boss, Scottish yacht company owner Gavin Fletcher wants to use her in his new campaign.

I hope to have the first installment done in the next week or so, and let me tell you…. if you enjoyed The Billionaire’s Beck and Call, you’re going to love this!

I’m having such fun writing this one and can’t wait to share it.

In other news, I’m sorry to say that At His Word: The Billionaire’s Beck and Call, Part 6 is having some technical difficulties on Amazon.com, but should be back up soon. In the meanwhile, it’s available on Barnes and Noble, Kobo, and AllRomanceEbooks. Thanks for your patience!

Thank you for reading, all! 🙂